Medical Superintendent’s Message

Prof.(Dr.)Arun Ghosh
M.B.B.S, Dip. B.M.S (Path)
D.M.C.W (Kol) M.D. Post. Doc (Virology) Tripoll.
Medical Superintendent
GIMSH, Rajbandh, Durgapur-12
Mobile No.:-7583953909

It is my proud privilege to be Medical Superintendent of Gouri Devi Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital. I have won all capacities in administration, academic, convener of CME, Chief and Head of the Department with numerous presentations, deliberation of lectures, publications Nationally and Internationally. I was holding different Government posts like state research officer, Epidemiologist, advisor in different communicable disease, State Medical Officer trainers,  AIDS, J.E, Swine flu, Bird flu, Zoonotic diseases and other bacteriological diseases like cholera, diarrheas outbreak before joining this institution. I am thankful to management for having opportunity to serve this institution.

   Today I am happy to say that all staff members of our hospital are actively pursuing this motto “Quality in Service Excellence in Care”, and in this respect the positive indication is the ever-increasing demands by patients for our services in all spheres of our activities. The guiding philosophy is to provide raining in the medical science through conscientious education, give professional service to the ailing needy and strengthening knowledge base in the relevant field through research. The objective of imparting education to the aspiring medical students and including with human values, professional ethics and moral virtues are being met in an integrated from to groom the upcoming generation to serve the community relentlessly, the institution foresters and nurses individuals capable of making difference in the field of medical science for meeting tomorrow challenges.

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